Our Mission

To provide educational, enrichment and business enterprise opportunities to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities such that they are empowered to live full, productive and satisfying lives in a God-centered and spiritually nourishing environment.  

Core Values

Dignity: As children of God, created in His image, each person is endowed with inherent worth, value, and divine purpose. Therefore, we have a moral duty to preserve and defend one another’s dignity throughout life. 

Grace: This is the unmerited blessing and favor that God offers to His children. Grace enables us to live in harmony with one another through acts of love, kindness, goodness, forgiveness and mercy. 

Respect: We show respect by honoring and appreciating others and treating them with consideration. Our respect for one another fosters a general sense of trustworthiness and security which empowers everyone to be their best. 

Integrity: We strive to be honest and consistent in what we think, say and do. It is reflected in our lives by being truthful, sincere, trustworthy, fair, and faithful. Our integrity is evident by what we do, how we do it, and the results we produce. 

Service: Just as God served us through the sacrificial life of His Son, Jesus Christ, we are also called to serve those around us. In so doing, we enjoy the privilege of being a conduit of God’s love to others. 

Good Stewardship: Everything we have is given to us by God including, our talents, skills, and all of our resources. Being good stewards means caring for these gifts responsibly. We believe that good stewardship inspires personal responsibility which promotes industriousness within our organization and credibility in the larger community.  

Our Story

Wellspring Community began in January 2008 with four young women with developmental disabilities learning how to bake cookies in a private kitchen. Through careful observation and task analysis modifications were made with equipment and processes to enable these women to be successful. Soon their cookies were selling at local churches and Wellspring’s first business enterprise, Wellspring Bakery.

In the Spring of 2009, New Hope Presbyterian Church in Castle Rock opened its doors to enable us to continue our Work & Enrichment Program on a part-time basis. We also obtained the use of Sweet Nothing’s commercial kitchen to continue to develop our bakery. That same year we launched our Wellspring Wonders Choir. Under the direction of a professional vocal coach and piano accompanist, choir members learned rhythm, breathing, and voice exercises and had the opportunity to perform before audiences. 

In April of 2010 Castle Oaks Covenant Church offered space to host Club 21, a social and recreation program where adults with developmental disabilities can meet with peers on a weekend evening to enjoy game night, hobby nights, and a variety of fun activities in a safe, structured and supervised setting. 

By 2012, our Work & Enrichment Program was operating on a full-time, year-round basis. In April 2013, thanks to our partnership with Castle Oaks Covenant Church, we moved into a new facility providing us office space, classroom space, a 900-square-foot commercial kitchen and the opportunity to operate all of our programs under one roof. Is has been an incredible experience to see the collaborative efforts of churches, local businesses, civic organizations, and caring individuals as they have come together to enrich and empower our community. The mission of Wellspring is life giving for everyone involved in this great venture. 

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