August 2023 Newsletter

Give a Little of Yourself

Susan's Story

Susan is a Georgia peach and a ray of sunshine. She is also a University of Georgia Bull Dog with a master’s degree in vocational rehab counseling and spent her career working with high school seniors and adults with I/DD working on job and life skills in Atlanta. 

About 7 years ago, Susan moved to Colorado to be closer to her family. One day, while driving around downtown Castle Rock she spotted a Wellspring van and thought to herself, “I think I need to volunteer there!”

All these years later, Susan is an integral part of Wellspring and the community here. She makes all the classes she is a part of brighter, provides vital support during program, and has created meaningful relationships with various members of our community, like Dianna an avid knitter and Wellspring participant.

Dianna and Susan go way back, having first met in knitting class. The pair of them like to talk about their pets, catch up on their daily lives, and reminisce about Night to Shine. They often joke about “Larry the Lobster” who is to blame for all the tangles in knitting class. They both note that Larry is a troublemaker. Susan likes to call Dianna, “Maple Leaf” because she was born in Canada and moved to America when she was two or three years old. This is a nickname that Dianna thinks is very cute! When sharing about her friendship with Susan, Dianna notes, “I like that she is a volunteer here, is friendly to everyone and I help her to untangle yarn.” To Susan, all the relationships she has at Wellspring are precious to her. The friendship that Susan and Dianna share is one example of mutual respect and transformation that happens at Wellspring.

Susan shares that Wellspring is like a second family. She cares deeply about the people here and celebrates the growth of Wellspring and the growth she witnesses while volunteering. Since she and Dianna met in knitting class years ago; Dianna has refined her skills in knitting, is now also fabric weaving, and harnessing her entrepreneurial abilities to sell her pieces. 

Currently, Susan is enjoying volunteering her time in Social Club. She shares that she and Deb (Social Club Teacher) are like the golden girls, calling Deb, “a hoot and a toot.” She really enjoys the adventures they go on and loved visiting the cows and animals at Bonanza Ranch this Summer.

Susan would like anyone who is interested in volunteering to know, “You’ll have no regrets, there are a lot of fun things you can do.”

STARS Leadership Committee

Congratulations to Wellspring’s new STARS Leadership Committee! Each person on the committee was elected by Wellspring STARS to represent the interests of their fellow STARS and serve up to a one-year term. This group will meet once a week to discuss important topics relating to their experiences at Wellspring, bring ideas to our executive team, and help shape the future of Wellspring. Each person on the committee brings unique skills and perspectives to the table.

15th Annual Evening of Inspiration

Thank you to everyone who has either registered or sponsored our 15th Annual Evening of Inspiration: Boundless Possibilities fundraising gala! We have experienced a record amount of interest and the event is now SOLD OUT. Thank you to our amazing community and supporters who have rallied around our mission of empowering lives.  

Join a Tour

Learn more about and experience Wellspring by joining a tour! We are thrilled to share that we are now hosting tours twice a month! Our community is working hard to introduce 100 people to Wellspring between August and December. If we can reach our goal, Wellspring will host an ice cream party for the STARS!

Upcoming Events

Club 21

Join us Friday, August 25th  for Game Night! 🎲 

Club 21 is a once-a-month social event hosted by Wellspring Community and designed to give adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities a place to socialize, relax and have a great time. Club 21 also gives parents and caregivers a night off! Participants MUST preregister and pay. 

Colorado Car Addicts Car Show

The 8th Annual Colorado Car Addicts Car Show benefitting Wellspring is THIS Saturday, August 19th

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