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Our mission is to give these adults the opportunity to live full, productive and satisfying lives in a God-centered and nurturing environment. Work with purpose at our organization.

Current Job Openings

Position Overview

Club 21 is our social and recreation program, which takes place on the first and third Friday of each month, from 7 – 9 p.m. Club 21 offers adults with Down Syndrome, Autism, and other special needs the opportunity to have fun with friends on a weekend evening in a safe, supervised setting.

Activities include game nights, hobby nights, karaoke, dances and much more. This position is responsible for effectively planning, coordinating and executing all bi-monthly club events. This position reports to the Director of Programs and is responsible for supervising staff and volunteers, organizing materials and all details associated with each event.

Primary Job Duties:

  • Communicate effectively and regularly with other staff, parents, family members, and volunteers to inform and seek input on program activities and participant needs.
  • Plan and organize activities for each club event, arranging for all necessary materials, food items, emergency forms, etc.
  • Organize club schedules and ensure the club sufficient staffing and volunteers.
  • Direct the activities of each event, delegating responsibilities when appropriate, ensuring all participants are warmly welcomed and appropriately assisted.
  • Supervise volunteers to ensure Wellspring policies and expectations are met.
  • Protect the health and safety of all participants.
  • Ensure the successful execution of registration process, including accounting of fees collected.
  • Communicate regularly with Director of Programs to keep informed of any issues or needs.
  • Analyze and modify tasks to adapt them to the skill level of participants.
  • Encourage and support participants.

Physical Demands:

  • Must possess acceptable hearing and visual capabilities to monitor the environment and participants’ well-being.
  • Must be able to assist participants with toileting needs.
  • Must be able to assist participants when walking up or down stairs.
  • Must be able to move chairs, tables or other heavy equipment.
  • Bend to perform numerous tasks throughout the evening.
  • May be required to be outside for regular, prolonged activities.
  • Ability to sit on floor, move from a seated position to a standing position promptly to respond to emergency situations.
  • Perform a variety of activities with participants (e.g., jump, dance, run, etc.)


  1. Bachelor’s degree in special education or a human services field preferred. Other
  2. Degrees will be entertained, please provide information as to how it may align with Club 21.
  3. Three to five years’ experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities.
  4. Passion for serving and empowering adults with special needs.
  5. Demonstrates leadership qualities and personal characteristics necessary for directing large group activities.
  6. Excellent organizational skills with ability to manage multiple priorities.
  7. Excellent communication and relational skills to manage the multiple relationships within the program environment.

Expectations of Position:

  1. Attends training of specific Wellspring policies and practices (annually) and adheres to such policies and practices.
  2. Effectively communicates with all those involved in the program.
  3. Club activities are well organized and ready for execution.
  4. Arrives on time and is well prepared to delegate responsibilities to staff and volunteers and provide a warm welcome to participants.
  5. Time off is requested one week in advance (except for illness). Absences are unpaid.
  6. Communication with families are timely, sensitive and clear.
  7. Collaborative planning and execution of club activities occurs with all team members.
  8. Effectively mentors team members in the management of behaviors.
  9. Demonstrates ability to manage challenging behaviors through the execution of positive behavior supports.
  10. Will take inventory of supplies at the end of each club session and makes arrangements with staff to stock up, as necessary.
  11. Demonstrates support of Wellspring’s Christian culture through positive words and actions.
  12. Serves as a positive and appropriate role model for all involved in the program.
  13. Performs physical demands of job as requested or needed.


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