Community Heroes!

On the very first day, the class was asked to come up with qualities that represent heroes. “Courageous,” “loyal,” “patient,” “caring,” “strong,” the list went on and on. Why might we be talking about characteristics of heroes? Because the class is called “Community Heroes” and it was important that we defined what a hero is like to understand how different people are considered to be heroes by those in their community. The STARS in Community Heroes have been learning about different occupations in which the workers, or volunteers, sacrifice their time to help others. We have been focusing on those who work in emergency medical services, specifically firefighters, police officers, EMTs and paramedics, and the volunteers who make up Douglas County Search and Rescue (DCSAR).

The STARS have learned about services that are provided by each department, the training that is required for those who work and volunteer in each position, and what to do if they are ever involved in an emergency situation. Dave Arnett from the DCSAR team even came to Wellspring to do a presentation about hiking safety and what to bring to be fully prepared while on a hike. The STARS greatly enjoyed learning from Dave! They’re also looking forward to visiting one of the Castle Rock Fire Stations to do a tour and hear from some of the individuals who work there. In addition to learning about emergency services, the STARS will be learning about the heroes of the military who have made the ultimate sacrifice to their community and country!

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