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Wellspring is the program it is today because of the community that has come alongside of us, supported us, and welcomed our program into their businesses, organizations, and sometimes even their homes!

Wellspring is committed to facilitating the kinds of community engagement opportunities that are mutually transformative. We believe that integrated and intentional community is not just good for the I/DD population, but is good for the whole community. The inclusion of people with disabilities also offers many benefits to communities themselves. Communities miss out on valuable voices and perspectives when people with disabilities are left out. They are deprived of co-workers, volunteers, mentors, and friends who offer new ways of thinking about, and navigating, the world (Administration for Community Living, 2022).

“It really helped me learn more about myself and become better when speaking with others which is something I have a hard time doing. It helped me gain more confidence when talking which is something I will keep forever.”
- Regis Jesuit High School Student (Immersion Experience)

We are eager to make more connections with the public to foster inclusion and engage with community members. You can partner with Wellspring in many different ways!

  • Our classes love to tour businesses and learn more about our community
  • We are always looking for ongoing weekly collaborations to host a class
  • Wellspring STARS are eager to give back to the community and are always looking for volunteer opportunities
  • Our doors are always open! We enjoy hosting large volunteer groups (ie. corporate employees and students)
  • If you have a passion or a hobby and would like to share it with us- we always like to learn something new

To learn more, contact Resources/Community Engagement Coordinator, Nicole Stewart

"This experience gave me perspective regarding adults with various disabilities. It showed me that many of the societal stereotypes implemented on these people are simply untrue. I have found that they are extremely loving, kind and funny."

Community Partners

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