Executive Director’s Update – 3 Program Expansions

Spring has come to Wellspring and we are all ready for the warmer weather, fun adventures and new life to spring up! In many ways, the last year has felt like winter. But we are all beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel and hope for a new normal.

As we begin to welcome many of our STARS back to our in person program, we still face many limiting restrictions from the state. The most significant of these is the limit on how many STARS can ride a bus at any given time. Our hope is that all of these limitations will begin to loosen over the next several weeks.

One of things I love about spring is that it’s a season of new life. This spring, new life is coming to Wellspring with three key expansions of our program. First, our virtual program, which has been a life line for our STARS during COVID, will expand and open up to new (and old) STARS across the state and the country. Caitlin Madden, our Virtual Program Manager, is hard at work growing the virtual team and bringing Wellspring’s innovative programming to those who can’t be here in person.

Second, we are in the middle of re-tooling our Business Opportunities Program. One of our founding values is empowering STARS with an entrepreneurial spirit so that they can experience the dignity of work and the benefit of contributing to the greater community. We are looking forward to our STARS returning to both our art studio and bakery, working together to produce our exclusive products.

Third, Wellspring has joined forces with another local non-profit called World Orphans to open a hybrid coffee-shop/retail location in downtown Castle Rock. The coffee shop is a crucial step in expanding our Business Opportunities Program where STARS can feel a sense of belonging and integration into the greater community. The retail location will allow World Orphans to sell the micro-enterprise goods created by the vulnerable families they serve. It will also provide a place for the general public to purchase single-serve items from our much loved Wellspring bakery and art studio.

Like I said, we are ready for spring around here and all the new exciting things God has in store for Wellspring! Be on the look out for more information on our store as well as many other exciting events coming up this summer. As we enter this new season we are reminded that we serve a God who has resurrection power. A God who can bring new life to seemingly dead things. God gives us reason every day to have hope in this power, hope that He is making all things new. He certainly is at work doing just that at Wellspring. We are so grateful for each of you that has joined us on this journey!

Nicole DeVries – Wellspring Executive Director

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