From Page to Stage!

Since the beginning of the trimester, the Page to Stage class has been hard at work taking words off the page with an effort to put them on the stage.  This class is a study of many disciplines and so much fun!!!  It is quite common for theatre goers to have no idea how much hard work, time and effort goes into putting on a great performance. But our Page to Stage class now understands the processes involved and have hands on experience as well.  Here’s what we’ve been up to…..

We began by reading several favorite children’s stories and fairy tales with the intent to pick one that would work well on the stage but also had a great message.  With a unanimous decision, our story was selected.  Then the real work began!  Our first order of business was writing a script, deciding on how many characters we needed and casting our play.  With eight STARS in our class, we had to decide the best number of characters needed to tell the story and figure out a way to make eight actors accomplish that.  It turns out that several STARS will play multiple parts!

Every week of class focused on a different aspect of a preparing a play.  We wrote a prop list, collaborated on set pieces and costumes and decided on tech needs.  A couple days were spent blocking the scenes.  (If you don’t know what that is, ask one of our STARS!)  We also worked on publicity and this last Tuesday, we painted sets!  The rest of the class time will be spent in rehearsal to prepare for the big day.

It has been my pleasure helping the STARS problem solve with the best of them!  One of my favorite sayings is, “Theatre is hard!”  Now that we are in performance mode, the STARS have to remember a multitude of processes all at the same time.  One of the STARS jokingly said, “You mean I have to remember my entrance cue, my line, the best way to deliver that line, which way to face during my line AND to speak loudly?”  And that’s when I reply with my favorite saying!  My other favorite saying is, “Theatre is dangerous!” but let’s hope we don’t have an incident proving that!

We would love for you to join us for our final performance!  As we’ve said over the last few months, the focus of this experience is not in the final result, but rather the process it takes to get there.  But of course, we want to display our hard work and wonderful “final result.”  Please join us for the STARS performance of “The Quiltmakers Gift.”  Written by Jeff Brumbeau and Adapted for the stage by the STARS.  Tuesday, September 17th, 11:15am in the Castle Oaks Sanctuary at 826 Park Street in Castle Rock. We can’t wait!

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