In-Person Program

Wellspring’s in-person program meets five days a week from 9:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m. STARS have the opportunity to chose from and participate in many different opportunities in the following categories; Learning & Enrichment, Arts & Performances, Health & Fitness, Life & Leadership Skills, and Social Responsibility. 

Learning & Enrichment:

Our Learning & Enrichment classes are designed to expand our STARS’ view of the world and introduce them to new topics, concepts, or ways of communicating.

Examples include: American Sign Language, Café Conversations, Celebrate Good Times, Chapter Chat, Globetrotters, Marvelous Museums, Knitting, Season of Celebration, Sewing, and Science

Arts & Performances:

Our Arts & Performances classes foster creativity, allowing our STARS to express themselves in a safe and diverse community, while also building their confidence for social interactions.

Examples include: Art Therapy, Chorale, Clay for Keeps, Creative Journaling, Dance, Improv, Jewelry Making, Nature Art, Page to Stage, Paint and Sip, and Photography

Health & Fitness:

Our Health & Fitness classes provide our STARS with the knowledge and adapted skills to encourage healthy living.

Examples include: 30 Minute HIIT, adaptABILTIY, Bowling, CrossFit, Fitness, Mindful Movement, Nutrition, Special Olympics Basketball, Swimming, and Team Sports

Life & Leadership Skills:

Our Life and Leadership Skills classes empower our STARS to be active, contributive members of society, providing opportunities for them to be leaders among their own peers and in the community at large.

Examples include: Community Orienteering, Excellent Adventures, Help and Hope, It’s Your Move, Kitchen and Bakery Skills 101, Number Ninjas, Resource 101, Shopping

Social Responsibility:

Our Social Responsibility classes encourage our STARS to make a positive impact in the community, by either volunteering their time or spreading positivity.

Examples include: Nature Trails, Help & Hope, and Zoology

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