July 2022 Newsletter

All Hands Staff Day

On June 23rd we had the wonderful opportunity to meet as a team at The City of Centennial building for an All-Hands staff day. This day included individuals across all departments from admin, program, work opportunities, and leadership. Together as a staff we participated in team building activities, discussed our core value of dignity, and collaborated about advocacy in our work. We left with smiles, learnings, and a renewed excitement about opportunities at Wellspring.

14th Annual Evening of Inspiration

Time to get GLAMOROUS! Please save the date for Friday, October 14, 2022 for Wellspring’s 14th Annual Evening of Inspiration. This year’s theme is Hollywood Glam! 

Program Highlight

By: Pete Galligan

Welcome to Geocaching class! 

Geocaching is a type of global treasure hunt of people looking for hidden caches. A cache is a waterproof container of varying sizes that contains a log to sign and sometimes SWAG (more on that in a minute). There are hundreds of caches in Douglas County and maybe even thousands with millions more found around the world.

First, I pick a “Target” from the Geocaching app. Then we travel to a nearby parking spot, hit the “Navigate To” button in the Geocaching app and the adventure begins. We use our cell phones or a GPS to get us to “GZ” (Ground Zero) which gets us within 30 feet of the cache. Then we fan out and start looking for a “SOOP” (Something Out Of Place).

Here’s where it becomes a treasure hunt or a game of hide and seek. Once one of us finds it we walk away from it and announce, “Found It!”  Once everyone has found the cache, we bring it out and check for “Muggles” (Non-Geocachers). Sometimes the caches are filled with swag, usually inexpensive items that you can keep if you replace it with something of equal or greater value. Then we sign the log, Wellspring Warriors and return the cache to it’s original hiding spot.

This class has turned out to be more fun than I ever imagined, and I encourage everyone to download the free app and check it out for yourselves. We are now making plans to make and hide our own cache. Stay Tuned!


Upcoming Events

Gear up for the Car Show! 

Saturday, August 20th our friends Colorado Car Addicts are hosting their annual car show with all funds raised going to support Wellspring! One lucky gear head will be awarded, “Best in Show” by Wellspring STARS. 

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