June 2023 Newsletter

Writing the Future

Carl's Story

Carl wears many hats at Wellspring. Not only is he a member of Wellspring’s chorale and day program, but he is also on the Board of Directors for Wellspring Housing and most recently promoted to Assistant Training Manager at the Castle Rock Collective.

As a member of Wellspring Community for about a decade, he has borne witness to much growth and change at Wellspring, sharing “My first day at Wellspring must have been a few weeks before we moved to Castle Oaks.” Carl has been a part of many Chorale performances, participated in many community classes, and this year volunteered to speak at Regis Jesuit High School to help prepare the junior class for their volunteer experience at Wellspring.

As a Board Member for Wellspring Housing, Carl meets regularly with fellow board members and shares insight and ideas as to how things could be improved or altered for residents at the Unity on Park. For example, his attention to detail and thoughtful inquiry helped ensure that The Unity would have mailboxes! Currently, he is working with the board and Wellspring STARS to decide on a logo for the Unity.

Since starting as a Barista at The Castle Rock Collective, Carl has leaned into his strengths as a leader. Co-workers and volunteers often go to Carl during his regular shifts because of his knowledge of systems and keen ability to work with others. Now as Assistant Training Manager at the Collective, Carl works with new volunteers and employees saying, “I help train new staff and volunteers on all the procedures and equipment that we use at The Collective.”

Prior to working at the Collective, Carl worked as a courtesy clerk at a local grocer. He notes that one of the most difficult aspects of that job was walking to and from his shift. For his regular shift at The Collective, Carl receives help with transportation from Collective volunteers and is very thankful for their generosity.

If he is not able to get a ride to work, an event, or a community outing, Carl is happy to walk or bike if it is close to his home. Though currently, he does not live in an area that is conducive to walking in a timely manner. However, he does hope that something changes to make it easier for people to get around, and is interested in learning how to drive someday.

We as a community are enriched through Carl’s willingness to step into leadership roles as he leans into his potential. Though he is kept very busy with his responsibilities at Wellspring, in his free time he enjoys playing Skyrim, listening and singing along to many different types of music, or watching YouTube videos on a variety of topics that interest him.

15th Annual Evening of Inspiration

Join us Saturday, September 30th  for a special evening honoring the milestone of our 15th anniversary. We will celebrate the past 15 years, even as we write the future of this incredible community known as Wellspring. More information coming soon! 

Club 21 is BACK!

Join us Friday, July 21st for WATER NIGHT! Come prepared to get wet and have a ton of fun!

Club 21 is a once-a-month social event hosted by Wellspring Community and designed to give adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities a place to socialize, relax and have a great time. Club 21 also gives parents and caregivers a night off! Participants MUST preregister and pay. The cost is $10 per person. Snacks, crafts, and fun will be provided.

For adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities ages 18 and over.

Want to help? We would love to have you volunteer with us. Sign up as a volunteer if you are interested in supporting this event.


We are thrilled to share that because of your generosity, Wellspring was able to raise over $64,000. To those of you who came out and bowled or cheered for a team- thank you for making the event a strike! To this year’s Bowl-A-Rama teams, THANK YOU for sharing your story and passion for Wellspring with your friends and family. 

We can’t wait to see you next year! 

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