Keeping The Joy Alive

The past six months have been like no other, but thanks to the unwavering commitment of our staff, volunteers and supporters, Wellspring Community continues to be stronger than any virus. Throughout this time, we have seen countless blessings bestowed upon our Community. We are reminded daily that the God we serve is both a creator and a redeemer and we have ring side seats as He is making all things new.

In March we launched a successful online program that provides socialization, structure and stability for our STARS up to four hours each day.  In July, we reopened our in person day program in five different locations with small cohorts of STARS and staff for three hours each day.  The success of our part-time in-person programming inspired our confidence to launch full-day in-person programming on Wednesday, September 9th, at three different locations. To hear the  laughter and the learning that is taking place in our classes, whether it be in-person or online, makes all of the work worth it.

One of our biggest concerns when the pandemic hit was how Wellspring would financially survive. We have made significant cuts to our expenses in order to best steward the resources God has given us.  At a time when many companies shut down or are facing uncertain financial futures, our donors have stepped up in a big way to support the work we are doing.  Incredibly, our Walk to Empower raised over $60,000 in May.  In July we were blessed with a Matching Grant Challenge from the Love In Action foundation.  Because of this matching grant and the vote of confidence from Love In Action, we were able to raise $300,000!

We have been amazed at how God has provided for this community through donors who have said yes to supporting our mission and empowering our STARS.  We want to thank each and every one of you who has given to Wellspring during this time.  Every gift matters and we are so grateful.  While we still have a significant amount of money to raise before the end of the year, we are celebrating the gifts we have already been given.

Please continue to pray for us over these next few months as the board and the leadership team seek to follow God in whatever direction He leads us.  He has been so incredibly faithful to us and we know that God has big plans in store for Wellspring as we move forward.

Nicole DeVries, Executive Director

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