Let’s Go To The Library!

Resource 101 is all about how to use the wonderful resources in our community.  In October, STARS in Resource 101 went to Philip S. Miller Library in Castle Rock. They learned about the power of the library card. Did you know you can check out a microscope; a draft detector to identify the drafts in your house and save on your electric bill; a GoPro  camera; or even a sewing machine?  How about getting adventure passes to go to the symphony; various museums; or even the Denver Botanical Gardens?  There are so many things besides books and movies to get with a library card!

Several STARS have gotten their library cards, some for the first time ever.  Pure joy has been seen on the faces of the those STARS who’ve held a library card for the very first time.  Every week, we go to the library to read, check out things that spark our interest, and sometimes to just hang-out. The STARS enjoy it so much that every week they ask me if today is the day for the library.  It is not only about reading, but about learning. As we advance further into the technological age, libraries have also adjusted to help meet the demands of our digital needs. We even have opportunities to learn about technology at the library.

Some of our STARS like to cook, so cookbooks are fun to check out and new recipes can be tried at home.  Some STARS are excited about the new playbooks (audio books), and some like keeping up with their beloved sports teams.

November brings new adventures in Resource 101 when we’ll write letters and learn what happens to those letters when they are mailed. But, we will still be going to the library, as the library can take us anywhere our dreams want to go.

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