Making Connections in C3!

C3, our Community Connections Class, is getting out and about in the community! Whether it is going for a hike, visiting the Dumb Friends League Buddy Center, or going on a special shopping excursion to locate and purchase a hard to find item for one of our classes. The variety of possibilities keeps this class diverse and interesting for all in our quest to connect with our community.

We recently visited the Equine Center in Franktown run by the Dumb Friends League. A wonderful volunteer guide showed us around the horses and donkeys and we were able to get up close and personal with some of them along the way. Being able to pet these beautiful creatures was thrilling for our STARS and great socialization for the animals. We spent a short time in the arena where trainers work with the horses with the goal to rehabilitate for adoption. The sensory stimuli even for our visually impaired STARS was potent! Most could identify the aromas of sweet hay, rain soaked ground, and other “fragrances” on the property.

Our hikes always include rich sensory experiences and learning along the way. Some of our STARS are experts on weather, insects, and botany and teach us all interesting facts. There are so many beautiful places to explore right in our back yard! Thanks to our wonderful volunteers who make this and all the other outing classes possible we will have many more great excursions in C3!

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