Once again, we are spotlighting another wonderful and dedicated volunteer. Let’s meet AJ!

I first learned about Wellspring from a friend of mine and I have been volunteering for over 2 years. Volunteering at Wellspring means a lot to me because of the relationships I have developed with the STARS. The STARS are fun loving in their own individual ways. More importantly, the STARS have taught me how to be vulnerable, to be accepting no matter what our differences are, and probably the most important lesson, to laugh and to smile!!!!

I enjoy making the STARS laugh each and every time I am with them! I also love the fact that the STARS can get me to sing no matter what kind of day I am having. One time when I was volunteering in the bakery, I was mixing flour and other ingredients in one of the gigantic mixers and I mistakenly turned the mixer on a very high setting to start with and I ended up blowing flour all over the place!! It was quite the mess!!!! Everyone was laughing including myself, and I learned a valuable lesson: to check the mixer speed is not on “afterburner” setting when starting!!! I cannot thank the Wellspring staff and STARS enough!! Wellspring means a lot to me!!!

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