Meet Alan!

This month we spotlight our beloved volunteer, Alan. Let’s meet Alan and learn about his Wellspring experience:

I first learned about Wellspring Community when there was a small group that was gathering at New Hope Church. There were numerous limitations for the program there, so moving to the Castle Oaks location was a godsend. Shortly after that relocation is when I really became aware of the Wellspring program and its vision for the future. I have been a volunteer at Wellspring for about 8 years now. Volunteering at Wellspring has meant different things to me over the years. Initially, I spent time doing minor repair/painting work around the Park Street facility, then I became a substitute van driver, which was really the first opportunity I had to actually commingle with the STARS (they were not known as STARS way back then (but they were certainly STARS to me). The smiles these folks could put on your face is unbelievable. Whether it was working in the Art Studio or the Wellspring Cafe, the program has been very gratifying and rewarding to me over the years. I am a better person because of the experiences that I have had at Wellspring over the years. I remember on the first day I was working in the art class helping to make Colorado flags, I had on a new shirt and I was swished on the sleeve with a paint brush – still have the shirt and still has the paint stain. The culprit STAR will remain unnamed, although I remember. Another memorable experience was when I was given a knitted hat that a STAR made for me about 5 years ago. This is a cherished gift I still wear and plan to for many years to come.

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