Meet Megan!

This month we spotlight our incredible virtual program volunteer, Megan. Megan volunteers in our virtual classes and we are so grateful for her help! Let’s learn more about Megan.

I learned about the Wellspring Community through my work. I work for Castle Rock Adventist Hospital and Wellspring provides some delicious cookies to Manna. Several years ago I met Mary Lou, Wellspring Founder, one day while working at the hospital. Mary Lou was able to tell me about the Wellspring Community and the history of how it began. I have been a volunteer since January in the virtual classes. I was born and raised right here in Castle Rock. Since Castle Rock has been my home for many years I wanted to be able to give back to my community. Wellspring was the first place to come to mind and provided the perfect opportunity for me to be able to give back to my community! So far at Wellspring, I have been doing the virtual classes with Caitlin and Sarah. Sometimes I feel goofy singing to myself in the All About Movies class and I can’t wait to sing and dance one day in person with everyone! One thing that always makes my Fridays and makes me chuckle is the Church Clap. This was new to me, but now every Friday, I know we can’t end class without it! My puppy, Scotty also occasionally makes an appearance in our online classes.

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