Meet The Fritsch Family

This month we spotlight our incredible volunteers, the Fritsch family! Let’s learn more about the Fritsch family volunteer experience:

Kelly, Ally and Nancy have been volunteering at Wellspring since 2017.  We learned about Wellspring when Ally started high school and was looking for service opportunities.  We looked into Wellspring and fell in love – with the program and the people.  We can all truly say that being at Wellspring and working with the STARS is the highlight of our day every time we are there.  Our mouths are tired from smiling after spending just a short time with the STARS.  The Wellspring STARS shine so brightly and we always feel like we get at least as much joy in our day – and probably more – than we could ever give to the wonderful STARS.  Most of our time at Wellspring has been spent working with the STARS in choir and chorale, and they never fail to amaze us with their incredible talents!

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