No Fun, No Joy, No Happiness

For those of you that don’t know me well, I happen to be a sarcastic person. I have been known to give an impromptu orientation to new volunteers where I inform them that at Wellspring we expect No Fun, No Joy and No Happiness. I then continue to explain if they see smiles, hear laughter or see any other signs of joy that I would like to be informed so I can personally take care of it. Some volunteers visibly swallow hard, others plaster a half-hearted smile on their face desperate for the awkward moment to end. This lasts until our STARS inevitably break out into laughter and explain that I am just kidding.

The halls of Wellspring are filled with Fun, Joy and Happiness. It’s an inescapable product of an intentional effort to listen to the needs and wants of our STARS. Wellspring Community values the lives of our STARS and understands that our role is not simply to pass time, our role is to empower the lives of those we serve. By understanding why we are here on a daily basis, our staff, volunteers and STARS are grounded in a forward-facing position towards making the mission a reality. The why we have become accustomed to living has driven how we behave. Knowing our mission is one thing, but living our mission is what makes us Wellspring Community.

We invite you to share our vision for the future by experiencing how we live our mission on a daily basis. Our Bakery is back up to capacity to take on custom orders. Please email our bakery at for more information. Our Café is buzzing with open tables for you and your friends. The Emporium hosts our incredible stock of quality ceramics and woodworking pieces. Soon our gardens will be ready for yet another spectacular growing season. Our enrichment classrooms boast 26 different classes for extended learning. If you’re interested in volunteering contact Michelle in the office. Simply, we ask that we have the opportunity to continue to be in your lives and share our mission with you.

I am grateful for the team (STARS, Volunteers, Sponsors, Donors and Staff) who works so incredibly hard to make this program a success. I have the privilege, because of you, to walk the halls of Wellspring Community and hear Fun, Joy and Happiness, three direct results of incredible people driven to empower the lives of adults with special needs.

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