Abi's Story

Meet our STAR Abi. Her story is one of belonging and finding her home.

Brennan's Story

Meet Brennan. He is a STAR who finds pride and dignity through his work.

Kevin's Story

This is Kevin. He is a STAR who brings joy and delight to our community—and we know he will delight you too!

Our Families

The STARS were to encouraging and ready to engage, chat, and help with ideas. It was wonderful to be with them doing art. Thank you for creating this class and bringing us into it! I had a sweet time.

- Anonymous

“It is difficult to put into words the value of the Wellspring Community program to our family. Our daughter is able to have an interesting, productive, fulfilling week instead of staying home day after day. I am so grateful that there are people who understand what an important role Wellspring plays in the lives of our adult children with disabilities and support the tuition assistance program that Karis benefits from. They have our most sincere thanks. Without the tuition assistance, we would not be able to afford for Karis to attend more than a day or two a week. We are so grateful. Karis’s quality of life has improved 100%!”

- The Wray Family

“Wellspring Community’s Work Program is meeting a need in Katie’s life for meaningful employment, but it is achieving much more. Her pride in sharing the things she learns each day is obvious. And her desire and confidence in attempting some of these same things at home has been fun to watch! The Enrichment program goes far beyond the goal of meaningful employment, though, by adding fun, rich, rewarding experiences in art, music, dance, exercise, and community interaction. As Katie’s parents, we would be hard pressed indeed to provide these same experiences for our daughter.”

- The Woznick Family

“We were very lucky to find Wellspring Community. Everyone there has been so welcoming and understanding of her needs – ours too. They keep us in-the-loop while making every effort to teach necessary skills & provide a variety of activities, to keep the participants active, interested, and more able to function in society. We are grateful to the Wellspring staff and its volunteers for providing a safe and calm environment for Via to flourish in. She is very happy there.”

- The Amantini Family

“We have been blessed many times over since our move to Colorado. But our biggest blessing has been joining Wellspring Community. Beth is so very happy at Wellspring, looking forward to every day. We are so very blessed to receive tuition assistance so that Beth can go five days a week.”

- The Hohenstein Family

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