Page to Stage Does it Again!

I have the greatest privilege of serving our STARS and our wonderful program team. I support our teachers by ensuring they have the tools needed to continually provide the gold standard of programming that Wellspring offers. I experience the greatest joy, when each day I witness the warmth, creativity, and innovation that our teachers foster in their classrooms.

I can speak volumes about each of our teachers and the opportunities they offer within the course of a week. True to the meaning of Wellspring, “a place where something begins,” each of our teachers create classes from nothing and build a unique curriculum, designed to empower the STARS in their care. Cindy Bray, our AMAZING Performing Arts Teacher conceived a class called Page to Stage, where she and the STARS began the trimester by simply reading stories- little did we know this was the beginning of something truly magnificent.

Together Cindy and the STARS sifted through many stories and with some collaboration and a little compromise, together they chose a book to transform into a play. Wellspring’s Page to Stage class has begun creating their adaptation of, Children of the King. In her class, she and the STARS write scripts, design the set, rewrite the scripts, create costumes, audition for roles, write the scripts again, and rehearse and rehearse and rehearse.

This performance, like all the classes we offer, will be extraordinary because of the culmination of hard work, collaboration, and love. Each day, I witness the power and resilience of the human spirit and how it can transcend any barrier we perceive. The magic of Wellspring is what happens when our teachers come alongside of our STARS to learn from each other and create something totally unique.

Please join us for a performance by our STARS of Children of the King on Tuesday, January 21st at 11:15am at 826 Park Street in Castle Rock.

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