Wellspring Day Program

Our Day Program offers participants the opportunity to engage in a variety of educational and enrichment classes such as dance, art, sign language, drama, social skills, math skills, science and more five days a week. The cornerstone of our program is education—we believe that every person, regardless of ability and when provided the necessary support, can learn and make a valuable contribution to the world.

We call our participants STARS, because they truly are the stars of the Wellspring story. We get a front-row seat as they overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams.

We offer our Day Program two ways: our in-person program meets in cohorts at various different locations in Castle Rock, CO. Our virtual program delivers our innovative content to STARS virtually right in the comfort of their own home.

Wellspring Bakery

Our Wellspring Bakery was Wellspring’s first specially modified business venture. What started out as baking cookies in a home kitchen, then baking a couple hours a day in rented space, has now expanded to a commercial kitchen at Castle Oaks Covenant Church. Experienced staff and volunteers train our STARS in all aspects of baking and food preparation.

Our products are now available in several area businesses, including Centura Health Hospitals, Regis High School and Tony’s Market. We have grown into a full-fledged whole-sale bakery and sales are increasing daily! When you purchase a Wellspring Bakery product, you not only receive a delicious made-from-scratch baked good, you empower a life!

The Wellspring Art Studio

Our Wellspring Art Studio offers our friends the opportunity to learn and master woodworking, ceramics, and assembly work while creating many exciting products. Staff and volunteers modify tasks and provide the support necessary to enable our friends to produce high quality items to give to local organizations and businesses.

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