Snack Attack!

By Kristin Arzbaecher, Assistant Bakery Manager

Wellspring has offered baking and cooking classes since its beginning and we were not about to let virtual learning slow us down! Snack Attack class has quickly become a STAR favorite by combining baking and cooking demonstrations with a focus on snacks that can be made with the ingredients found in your pantry. Making everything from banana sushi to chocolate chip cookies, STARS have been able to practice measuring and mixing skills from the comfort of their own homes with the assistance and knowledge of the bakery staff members to guide them!

In this time of uncertainty and confusion many people have turned to their kitchens to pass the time and hone their cooking skills. Wellspring STARS are no exception. Our STARS have loved learning how to independently make snacks and baked goods they can share with their loved ones. Learning how they can substitute ingredients for others they have in their pantries has allowed a creative element to grow within the class that even the teachers didn’t see coming! It is amazing seeing the STARS creations at the end of each class and the amount of pride they have in their creations is incredible.

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