Staying Fit With Yoga

We are blessed to have an incredible group of volunteers at Wellspring Community that not only give their time, but also share their expertise. This last trimester we welcomed Jonathan a certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor who works as a Fitness Coach at 24 Hour Fitness Super Sport in Castle Rock to teach yoga classes to our STARS. Jonathan has practiced yoga for more than six years and was very excited to share this discipline with the STARS at Wellspring. Yoga is an incredible form of exercise appropriate for everyone no matter their level of athleticism. This discipline increases focus, flexibly, muscle tone, strength, endurance, balance, coordination and relaxation. Jonathan tailored each yoga class specifically for the STARS and guided them through a series of poses and stretches that included deep breathing while gently moving the body through all planes of motion. This helped to increase blood flow and contribute to an overall sense of wellbeing. We are so grateful that Jonathan was able teach yoga to our STARS!

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