Times Such as These

Dear Wellspring Community:

We feel compelled to touch base with all of you, our brothers and sisters, at a time of such deep seated grief, strife and unrest. Yes, our cause is not directly implicated by the present state of protest.  True enough, our Mission lies elsewhere.  Neither our cause nor our Mission is any less important nor less long overdue than that making worldwide headlines right now.

That said, our cause and Mission, and we human beings, are inextricably linked to those issues and these people featured in the news each day. Ultimately, our fight is about fairness; justice; respect; having our STARS (and their peers) seen and celebrated for who they are – unique children of God, here for and with a divinely-inspired purpose, capable of making contributions to the world no less meaningful than anybody else.  That is not really any different than the fight playing out in our streets and on the steps of our State capitols over the past couple of weeks.  Except that generally our very lives are not on the line as is their case.

The ignorance we detest and strive relentlessly to inform, likewise they detest and strive relentlessly to inform; the barriers and obstacles we face day-in-and-day-out and call toward reform, likewise they stare down and call to reform; that for which we yearn, they yearn; that which we deserve as a birthright, they so too deserve.  In a very real sense, we are all in “this” together; especially if we believe that our ultimate calling is to co-create God’s Kingdom here on Earth.

Yes, there are so many other pressing, daily challenges facing us as parents, families, neighbors, communities, and as a small nonprofit in midst of such unprecedented crises.  Yet, our conscience and our own personal relationship with Christ would not permit us to remain silent any longer.  For us, Christ was the first and foremost social reformer in human history.  His was a living example of radical inclusivity, all-encompassing kinship, and utmost service to all in need.

Actions bear natural consequences, both favorable and those that may exact a personal toll.  As such, it is not our place to dictate any particular action to anyone. Each of us will be called by our own conscience and personal relationship with Christ to the appropriate actions.

Speaking only for ourselves, we plan to mindfully make space in our consciousness for anyone and everyone who righteously experiences oppression, to open space in our hearts, link arms with them in our minds eye, acknowledge  kinship with them within our spiritual being, intercede on their behalf in our prayers.  We will listen, reflect, create positive action in our own space, and move forward with hope and faith.  As an organization whose Mission is to empower lives, we feel duty bound to stand with those who seek the same respect and dignity that we value so deeply.  Wellspring, at its core, is a community; and standing for equity and justice is a community need the world over.

We are confident that our actions and your actions will make a very real difference.  Our Creator will know our hearts and we will have contributed our small part to (in Dr. King’s words) the long arc of the universe bending toward justice.

If anybody is oppressed, then we all bear risk of oppression.  No lasting peace without everlasting justice, for everyone.

In conclusion, to paraphrase a quote we heard recently that sounds exactly like Christ to us — let us not permit our own fears to stand ahead of the needs of others.

God bless, keep and help us all,

Bob and Nicole

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