Volunteer Spotlight

Our volunteers are wonderful and are critical to our organization. Each month we will be spotlighting one of our fabulous volunteers. This month we spotlight Phyllis. Learn about how Phyllis learned about Wellspring and her experience with the STARS.

“I visited Wellspring with my Bible Study friends from Plum Creek Church. I was in awe of how it started and grew into such an amazing project to help special needs adults. I don’t remember exactly how long I’ve been a volunteer. Time flies when you’re having fun. I think I’ve volunteered there for a couple of years.

I think Wellspring provides wonderful help to our special needs community. Volunteering has been a special gift to me.  I’ve missed the STARS so much through this epidemic.

I typically help out with the physical fitness areas. However, I joined a Badminton class last winter that met Mondays and Thursdays at the MAC. It warmed my heart when Badminton happened at the same time one of the Wellspring fitness classes was held at the MAC and the STARS would stop and cheer ME on! Love the STARS!”

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