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Our online program offers the warmth, values, and expertise of our in-person program combined with the accessibility and flexibility of an online experience. Virtual classes are offered four times per day, Monday thru Friday, and are open to all who want to participate. Our virtual teachers all bring the same level of care and creativity to each one of our virtual classes. The classes they teach fall into one of our five major subjects: Learning & Enrichment, Arts & Performances, Health & Fitness, Life & Leadership Skills, and Social Responsibility.

The first step to apply or to find out if the Online Program is right for you or your loved one is to schedule a class visit using the button below.

Learning & Enrichment:

Our Learning & Enrichment classes are designed to expand our view of the world and introduce new topics, concepts, or ways of communicating.

Examples include: American Sign Language, Bringing Words to Life, Celebrate Good Times, Chapter Chat, All About Movies, Marvelous Museums, Season of Celebration and Science Exploration

Arts & Performances:

Our Arts & Performances classes foster creativity and provide space for self expression. 

Examples include: Let’s Dance, Paint & Sip, Bringing Words to Life and Art With The Masters

Health & Fitness:

Our Life and Leadership Skills classes provide leadership opportunities and contribute to the community at large. 

Examples include: Nutri-Fit, Zumba, Fitness, Wellness and CrossFit

Life & Leadership Skills:

Our Life and Leadership Skills classes provide leadership opportunities and contribute to the community at large. 

Examples include: Wellspring and Co., Excellent Adventures, Leadership, It’s Your Move, Kitchen and Bakery Skills 101, Number Ninjas and Share Time Extravaganza

Social Responsibility:

Our Social Responsibility classes encourage community impact, by either volunteering or spreading positivity.

Examples include: Nature Trails, Coffee Talk, and The Art of Plants

Impact of Online Programming

The Wellspring Online Program meets people right where they are! Meet Mike and learn about his experience in the Online Program.

Next Steps

To become a part of our online program, you will need to fill out an application and meet with one of our program teachers. The first step to start this process is to schedule a class visit. This visit will allow you to drop in and observe a live class in progress to get a better idea of how our program operates. Click the button below to email us and get the process started!

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Leadership Class

Let’s Dance Class

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no “typical” day. We offer 4 hour-long classes at 9:00am, 10:00am, 1:00pm, and 2:00pm, Monday through Friday. STARS have the flexibility to choose classes that fit their interests, schedule, and price-point. Teachers will start classes at the top of the hour. We allow for 5 minutes of chat time prior to the teacher beginning the lesson. Classes will end 5 minutes before the hour so that participants have time to prepare for the next class session.

We have several packages to choose from that will allow weekly enrollment for your loved one:

  • Rising STAR – Let’s ease in (1-5 classes per week with monthly payments) ($230.00)
  • Shining STAR – I’m ready for more (6-10 classes per week with monthly payments) ($420.00)
  • Shooting STAR – (11-15 classes per week with monthly payments) ($570.00)
  • Gold STAR- I’m all in! (16-20 classes per week with monthly payments) ($720.00)

You will be asked for a credit card during your enrollment process, and it will be charged on a reoccurring monthly basis based on your subscription level.

Wellspring Online accepts waiver funding from both SLS and DD waivers. 

Currently, we are not offering financial assistance for the Virtual Program. but we do accept Medicaid waiver funding through the SLS and DD waivers.

Yes! Please contact our office to schedule a visit. Call 303-660-1935 ext. 0 or email: Leslie Beauchamp at lbeauchamp@wearewellspring.org

Our online program is best suited for adults who need moderate support. We are currently unable to serve individuals who require intensive, one-on-one assistance. We are able to facilitate a variety of communication and learning styles in our classroom. We are ideal for individuals seeking social engagement and educational enrichment from the comfort of their homes. Interested adults and/or families should contact us to schedule a meeting to determine if our program would be the right fit for you or your loved one.

Wellspring utilizes the Zoom platform to deliver our program. Participants do not need to download Zoom in order to participate in the classes, but it is recommended for best results.* Classes should be accessed through a computer, tablet, or laptop. A reliable internet connection is recommended.

*Zoom calls can be accessed via any up-to-date browser, but for best results we recommend using the Zoom app, which can be downloaded for free.

Please contact our office at: 303-660-1935 or email Wellspring Online Manager, Leslie Beauchamp at lbeauchamp@wearewellspring.org

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